Step 7:

My final card box using Poppies. I added gingham paper to the box inside so when the cards are gone they have a beautiful box for decorative stuff. Enjoy! 

Step 6:

Adhere the edge pieces in and decorate as desired. 

Step 5:

Pre-fold score lines. Add adhesive to the 3 edges as shown. Start with the bottom edge and adhere inside the base of the box. I lightly put it in and made sure it was snug then I firmly pressed it to the box edge. 

Step 4:

Cut the corner pieces out that are from the score lines as shown. Add decorative edge to the length panel that was not scored. Don't worry about it going over the scored edge, this will be hidden later. 

Step 3:

Cut a piece of card stock 7 inches length x 3 inches width. Score a 1 inch border on 3 sides shown, leaving one of the length sides with just end marks scored ad shown. 

Step 2:

Snip ends as shown, add adhesive to the tabs and fold in and adhere to form box base. This is what it should look like. Set base aside.

Step 1:

We are going to from a basic box base. Cut a piece of card stock 9 inches length x 7 inches width. Score a 1 inch border on all 4 sides. Pre-fold score lines. 


Card stock, scissors, score tool, cutting mat, decorative labels and stamp set desired. 

Card Box